Faithlife’s sdc-portal

Today we’re pleased to announce that our developer / customer facing portal for Joyent‘s SmartDataCenter 7 has been open sourced.

After transitioning from OpenStack to SDC 7 the only thing we were left wanting was a portal for developers and non-operations staff (SDC already has a portal for Admin and Operations engineers). Luckily, SDC has a fantastic set of APIs that we’ve leveraged to create sdc-portal. The portal started out of necessity because our developers were used to having at least the ability to start, stop and reboot their VMs, but it is growing in to much more. Today we want to give back to the open source community that has helped us immensely and invite others to help us make sdc-portal even better.

The portal is in its infancy, and we’ll be iterating on the documentation and feature set rapidly in the next few weeks. However; we’ve been encouraged by Joyent and a few other organizations to make the code available now due to the high demand and the large set of people that are eager to contribute.

Today the portal supports the following features:

  • OAuth sign-in
  • Integration with SmartDataCenter 7 and Joyent’s public cloud
  • Start, stop and reboot VMs
  • Get the current status and information about VMs

In the next few days and weeks we’ll be adding the following features:

  • Generic authentication provider support
  • VM provisioning
  • SSH key management
  • Things the community comes up with…

We welcome your feedback in our sdc-portal group, in the #smartos IRC channel, or in the form of GitHub issues. We also welcome your pull requests!

sdc-portal lab

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