Winbind in SmartOS, Part III (Polishing)

You now have a base-32 or base-64 zone running Winbind, what do you need to take it the rest of the way? We will cover a number of topics in this post, pick the ones that are relevant to your environment: Creating the Winbind Service Reducing the Authentication Delay Creating Home Directories Limiting Access Granting […]


Winbind in SmartOS, Part II (Running in Base-64)

We left off last time with a very basic (but working) Winbind deployment. In this post, we will focus on getting that same basic Winbind functionality in a base-64 zone. If you want to try polishing first, you can skip this post for now and use your base-32 zone for part 3. Starting with a […]


Winbind in SmartOS, Part I (the Basics)

Centralized authentication is a terrific tool for anything more than a handful of servers, and Active Directory is often the go-to for authentication within a datacenter. After testing several centralized-authentications for suitability in our environment, we settled on Winbind both for its features and the issues presented by the other solutions. A future post may […]


Faithlife’s sdc-portal

Today we’re pleased to announce that our developer / customer facing portal for Joyent‘s SmartDataCenter 7 has been open sourced. After transitioning from OpenStack to SDC 7 the only thing we were left wanting was a portal for developers and non-operations staff (SDC already has a portal for Admin and Operations engineers). Luckily, SDC has a fantastic […]


Hardware – Part II (Compute)

Compute hardware Faithlife compute has gone through quite a few iterations in recent years. The transformation has been a critical piece of our success and ability to scale at costs that make sense to the business. Each iteration moves our deployment closer to being aligned with our overall philosophy. Humble beginnings Our first attempt at […]

Network Outage Postmortem

Service Interruption 1/27/15

Between 9:50PM PST and 10:28PM PST on January 27th 2015, most Faithlife sites and service were unable to talk to the public Internet. We’re sorry for the interruption this caused and we’re taking steps to prevent the likelihood of this happening again. Cause Our edge routers needed to be patched, due to the “Ghost” glibc vulnerability or CVE-2015-0235. The […]

Culture Hardware Network

Hardware – Part I (Network)

The hardware powering Faithlife has seen a massive transformation in the last eighteen months. We’re really excited about all the cool new changes, and the measurable impact they’ve had on our employees, customers, and the products / features we’re able to offer. Given that, we thought that sharing our hardware configuration was a fun way […]

Culture Outage Postmortem Storage


Storage unavailability Friday November 21st – 26th, 2014 I’d like to apologize for the trouble you undoubtedly had accessing Faithlife products and services between November 21st and 26th. The reliability and availability of Faithlife products and services is critical to your success and ours. Understanding what happened is a necessary step towards reducing the probability […]